After/Life Performance Promotionals

AFTER/LIFE is a project at my Communications Assistant post at the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH). Both photos utilized in the double exposure technique of the design are Creative Commons pieces. The photograph of the African American woman is by William Stitt. Learn about AFTER/LIFE. 

Image shows a watercolor art piece that features a stylized background of green trees in blue mist, with a blue forest floor, and a stylized blue bear with an angular face.

Blue Bear Woods

Project: Fantasy-Minimalism in Watercolor I created this piece as an artistic experiment, hoping to grow my skill with my new watercolor pencils. Previously, I had experimented with fantasy-minimalism in a digital format in Adobe Illustrator, and I wanted to implement a similar style in a traditional medium. Watercolor pencils translate well to simplicity, so I […]