Red Dragon River

Project: Fantasy Graphic Design

For school and work, I’d created a variety of pieces in Adobe Illustrator. Creating one of my own for personal experimentation was a project long overdue. I love the work of John Howe and other classical illustrators, but I also have found a recent inspiration in the minimalistic work of present-day graphic designers.

Creating a minimalistic fantasy piece for personal practice was a great experiment. I researched graphic design depictions of mountains, and decided I liked a clean style with minimal gradient. I also spent a while on this piece seeking the perfect color palette that would allow me to depict nighttime but still complement the red dragon. Overall, I’m very pleased with how this piece turned out and hope to have the time to make similar pieces in the future.   

The piece is titled “Red Dragon River” and was heavily inspired by Tolkien’s Hobbit and a trip to Mount Pilatus in Switzerland.

Image: Artwork depicting a red dragon perching on top of a mountain. Art work is stylized with a minimal color palette of reds, blues, and purples.


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