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See my most recent work below. For specific categories, check the sidebar.

Romeo & Juliet Poster - Romeo & Juliet Poster Series Designed for the Marshall Civic Players performance of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet as a freelance project. I hopped to emphasize the dichotomy between the union and the violence of the classic play.
After/Life Performance Promotionals - AFTER/LIFE is a project at my Communications Assistant post at the Residential College in the Arts and Humanities (RCAH). Both photos utilized in the double exposure technique of the design are Creative Commons pieces. The photograph of the African American woman is by William Stitt. Learn about AFTER/LIFE. 
Student Project: TED Talk Idea - I completed this project for a recent course, Integrated Design Media. It was a difficult task throughout the course of the semester, but I’m proud of the final results of this piece! See full process book here: Kristin_Phillips_TED_Conference_process The Ask You must envision and create a fictitious TED conference. Explore visual identity through media appropriate […]
Typography Poster: Type Design - I was so excited to start this photography course at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)! Typography is an area I aim to continue personal growth in, so it was an excellent opportunity to develop important skills in layout, kerning, hierarchy, and other type design focuses. This piece had a pre-created text for […]
Resume Template - Project: Resume Redux I’ve always liked the idea of a visual resume, one that would showcase what I did and what I could do while standing out from the standard templates. I created this template in Adobe Illustrator after researching some other resume layouts. The colors I chose have a united cool palette, with orange […]
Website Icons - Project: Icons Minimalist icons are a new experiment for me, and one I wanted to incorporate into a website for work. I needed three icons for the front page, one to use for the history section, one for the bird research, and one for the mission. The three needed to match in style and simplicity […]
Business Card Idea - Business Card Design For a possible business card design, I tinkered with a variety of ideas. I wanted the card to be a mix of traditional and digital media that featured my octopus mascot (see portfolio piece “Darcy”) with an original font. I created this lettering using a brush pen for my name and a […]
Tawas Sponsor Form - Project: Sponsor Form At my work with Michigan Audubon, I often have to design documents. Designing documents that are branded, streamlined, and visually easy to comprehend is one challenge, while convincing my coworkers that I wanted to take the time to expand the design or put extra work beyond half an hour into a design […]
Red Dragon River - Project: Fantasy Graphic Design For school and work, I’d created a variety of pieces in Adobe Illustrator. Creating one of my own for personal experimentation was a project long overdue. I love the work of John Howe and other classical illustrators, but I also have found a recent inspiration in the minimalistic work of present-day […]
Blue Bear Woods - Project: Fantasy-Minimalism in Watercolor I created this piece as an artistic experiment, hoping to grow my skill with my new watercolor pencils. Previously, I had experimented with fantasy-minimalism in a digital format in Adobe Illustrator, and I wanted to implement a similar style in a traditional medium. Watercolor pencils translate well to simplicity, so I […]

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