Business Card Idea

Business Card Design

For a possible business card design, I tinkered with a variety of ideas. I wanted the card to be a mix of traditional and digital media that featured my octopus mascot (see portfolio piece “Darcy”) with an original font. I created this lettering using a brush pen for my name and a fine tipped pen for the smaller words. I paired this with a sleeker rendition of the octopus and a watercolor texture that I then edited in Adobe Illustrator.

The font itself is experimental, a mix of my calligraphic style and longer, curling lines to mimic the octopus. Making a font by hand first gave me the option to allow the design to be “imperfect” in a way that made being organic and creative easier. Editing the font in Adobe Illustrator allowed me to clear up any imperfections and streamline the letters. I chose an open-source sans font to deliver the contact information; I felt the fonts paired well and kept the key goal, contact, as the most accessible part of the design.

Image shows a business card with a blue watercolor texture. The left side says "Kristin Philips, Multimedia Creative" and the right side has an octopus and contact information.

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