Tawas Sponsor Form

Project: Sponsor Form

At my work with Michigan Audubon, I often have to design documents. Designing documents that are branded, streamlined, and visually easy to comprehend is one challenge, while convincing my coworkers that I wanted to take the time to expand the design or put extra work beyond half an hour into a design is another. Managing coworker or client relations is an additional struggle for designing, especially when the design becomes eroded by minor changes that gradually alter the entire look of the document.

This document I was relatively left alone on to complete, so I was able to develop a color scheme and a stylized image that matched our logo for the event. Creating a layout for the sponsor design that would accommodate color palette and picture changes with ease was my goal, and I feel that I was successful in driving a compromise between design and leaving room for my colleague’s inputs.

Tawas Birding Festival Sponsor Form, Kristin Phillips

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