Image shows the logo for the Tawas Point Birding Festival, which features a stylized Piping Plover flying toward a lighthouse silhouetted by the sun with the words "Tawas Point Birding Festival, May 19-22 2016" next to text describing how to "Become a Sponsor" on an orange background.

Tawas Sponsor Form

Project: Sponsor Form At my work with Michigan Audubon, I often have to design documents. Designing documents that are branded, streamlined, and visually easy to comprehend is one challenge, while convincing my coworkers that I wanted to take the time to expand the design or put extra work beyond half an hour into a design […]


This was a deeply personal project that gave me the opportunity to explore mixed media work. I’ve always loved mixed media—it gives me the best of the tactile creation that comes with traditional work and the endless possibilities that comes with digital creation. For this project, initially for a contest, I wanted to explore the […]