Resume Template

Project: Resume Redux

I’ve always liked the idea of a visual resume, one that would showcase what I did and what I could do while standing out from the standard templates. I created this template in Adobe Illustrator after researching some other resume layouts.

The colors I chose have a united cool palette, with orange and brown as accents. It’s a palette I enjoy, and one that I feel keeps the visual nature of the piece less distracting than a palette of warmer tones might.

I chose to include coffee and a phone (that looks similar to the suite of Androids I’ve always had) in order to serve as a way to split up the information, and to provide insight into my personality as a creator. I love coffee, so that is part of where my identity literally sits. I also love digital creation and social media, so the phone made the idea of connecting very literal. The notebook is an additional idea, taking from the concept of a side note that I use to mark down my ideas on the go. I tinkered with adding a sticky note, but a key part of my growth as a designer is learning when to stop editing! It’s always a challenge, but I hope the overall effect is streamlined and effective.

Resume Template-01

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