Typography Poster: Type Design

I was so excited to start this photography course at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)! Typography is an area I aim to continue personal growth in, so it was an excellent opportunity to develop important skills in layout, kerning, hierarchy, and other type design focuses. This piece had a pre-created text for us to practice through multiple hierarchy exercises and spacing exercises, in addition to color palettes and layout.

The full process book can be downloaded here: Kristin Phillips, TYPO Poster Process Book


“For Project A, you will create a 20 x 30 inch multilanguage poster to promote the TYPO International Design Conference. This is a global design conference with a focus on typography, and speakers from around the world. You will design the poster for English, German, Chinese or Arabic. The text is provided for you. The poster must engage the target audience and be appropriate to the context in which it is meant to be displayed. Your goal is to achieve a perfect balance between aesthetic and function.”


“The great transformations of our era are based on flexibility, agility, and diversity. While the creative elite of the last generation still followed the “march through the institutions,” today’s creative minds allow themselves to (side)track into curiosity and the joy of experimentation. Incorporating social values and community strategies plays a central role in that, boosting the gain of one’s own developments.
Many people still haven’t embraced the joy of change. TYPO Berlin 2017 will tackle methodological agility, and aims to facilitate a rethinking. How do I get out of my comfort zone? At which points can I permit fluid structures? How do I develop new potential for innovation? Those are the questions typical of traditional organizational models, which won’t help us make headway in the future. TYPO Berlin 2017 »wanderlust« will take place from 25–27 May.”


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