Photobook: Finding the Fantastic in the Mundane

Project Photobook

This pdf is a book I designed as a capstone for my photography class in college. The goal of the class was not only to learn photography methods and techniques, but also to practice experimental photography. I took all of the photos and per class instructions, completed the layout in Lightroom.

My focus with photography is often either macro and textural or landscape. For the course, I mostly focused on the former. I love to pick up the subtleties of manmade objects and compare them to natural macro scenery. I also included several “fantasy” scenes with Photoshopped mixed media pieces. Working on the book presented me with the opportunity to combine my love of book layout with my study of photography. It was especially opportune timing as I had my internship with the book printing press at the same time. Being able to have control over the entire process (within the restrictions of the assignment) was a great challenge, and I loved the end result.

See the full book: Fantasical Mundane

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