SCI Social Media Icons

Project: Social Media Icons

In my senior year, I assisted with the startup of a new student magazine on campus, SCI: Solve, Collaborate, Investigate. I created the brand standards, website design, logo, flyers, and social media icons. My partner, who was spearheading the project, had seen a selection of gradient logos and asked me to do the same for use on SCI’s website.

Choosing the gradient wasn’t complicated; I opted to use the two primary colors of the logo. For the design and style of the icon, I researched contemporary uses of icons. Most of the brands I researched utilized a circle or rounded square, but others used a sketch-style. I created and presented all three to my partner and the other students on the project, and we chose to go with a rounded square design that utilized a slight 3D effect. The rounded square is a common design that we hoped would be easily recognizable to our audience, while the gradient colors would give the icons a unique and branded look.

Social Media Icons. Image shows six social media icons in a row. Each is a rounded square, and the gradient across all of them ranges from teal to green. Social media are as follows, left to right: Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Email.

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