Rusty Blackbird Blitz Infographic

The Rusty Blackbird Blitz Infographic was another piece created for my current job at Michigan Audubon. This piece fit into a broader conservation project that I developed with a coworker. She spearheaded the organization as part of a national project to help count elusive Rusty Blackbirds, a species believed to be in a dangerous decline. To help spread awareness, I crafted these two infographics to be employed on social media. I relied on her expertise of the birds when I crafted the drafts, and was able to make an accurate and understandable infographic.

Like most infographics created on a short deadline, I utilized a simple design that was easy to read. I employed each piece separately and on several occasions over the weeks that our contest took place. The Rusty Blackbird Blitz was intended to raise awareness for the conservation of Rusty Blackbirds, and also to help get birders to go and count the birds for our contest. Combined with press releases, our mass email listserv, and our organization’s networking, the infographics played an important role and served their dual purpose well. This design project gave me the opportunity to combine art and social media planning for a good cause.


Social Media Consultant, Black Religion and Spirituality Conference

Recently, I worked with the Black Religion and Spirituality Conference (hosted at MSU through AAAS) to develop a plan for updating their website via WordPress. I also helped create flyers, produced content for their website, created a Call for Papers, and helped to set up both Twitter and Facebook to additionally publicize the conference. My experience crafting a brand for the Young Authors’ Conference really helped me to make a brand for the Black Religion and Spirituality Conference that both built upon the conference’s eight years of work and gave it a professional reboot. See the website here.

BRS Conference Website

Twitter Documentation: MSU Writing Center Buttons

While making button pins for the MSU Writing Center, I decided to document my process via Twitter. This helped me not only keep track of what was left to do, but also help the Writing Center popularize these buttons. Several followers who don’t usually visit the Writing Center mentioned that they stopped by purposefully to grab some of the buttons! The button design itself was made in Adobe Illustrator.

Young Authors’ Conference: Facebook

During my time as an intern with the Young Authors’ Conference in 2013 (ending in August), I was responsible for  crafting the conference’s Facebook presence. Since 2013 was the first year of the conference, I had to start from scratch to create a brand and content that would appeal to teens, educators, and parents. I posted a variety of content, everything from updates and writing tips to posting pictures live during the conference. Feel free to peruse the YAC Facebook to see my posts from April 1-August 2013. Also see some samples of my work below:

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