Writing Center Client Survey Poster

One of my final projects during my time at the Writing Center was to design a flyer for client surveys. The MSU Writing Center regularly asks clients to fill out a survey discussing their experience, and then this information is used to help consultants better cater to the needs of clients. Usually, the flyer is fairly simple, so I was asked to spruce it up. The survey is completed on iPads, so I immediately wanted to bring in that motif. I also chose to use the ink splatter that has become part of the Writing Center’s design branding. The iPad is a Creative Commons picture from Pixabay. I created the ink splatter by hand (using real India Ink because why not be authentic?), cleaned it up in Illustrator, and then put the images together in InDesign. My goal was to mimic the experience of taking the survey while still keeping the design organized, neat, and engaging.

Writing Center Spring Survey Flyer
Writing Center Spring Survey Flyer


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