Student Project: TED Talk Idea

I completed this project for a recent course, Integrated Design Media. It was a difficult task throughout the course of the semester, but I’m proud of the final results of this piece!

See full process book here:


The Ask
You must envision and create a fictitious TED conference. Explore visual identity through media appropriate to the theme, space, and audience you are designing for. The goal of this project is to learn the nuances of articulating communication needs, and to craft an innovative execution that meets a specific communication goal.
Conference Mission
In trying times, we turn to art. Through art, we can change perspectives and emotions—hearts and minds. This conference will explore how we can continue to boldly make art to connect with the world around us, when we ourselves, our families, and our communities are struggling, and how to move forward with courage and hope. Through this conference, we hope to bring together diverse attendees and speakers to connect a wider community of dedicated artists and changemakers.

The Deliverables

  • Conference Mission and Ideation
  • Conference Program (with ten proposed speakers)
  • Website (and mobile functionality)
  • Intro Video clip
  • Environmental Graphics (signs, wayfinding, etc.)
  • Conference Promotional Materials

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